The Wizard's Lair

A magical experience for 2-6 players

The Wizard’s Lair is a magical room that will leave you spellbound as you get closer and closer to escape! Challenging for groups of all ages and experience!

Group Size: 2-6 players
Time Limit:
60 minutes
Perfect For: first timers, family fun

Sent on a quest by your Wizard master, you and your fellow apprentices find yourselves chained to the walls of the Evil Wizard’s lair. You’ll need to use all of your wits and magic to escape before he returns, and curses you all!

Enter the Story

Enter an immersive environment – a wizard’s lair!


Search the room and find hidden clues! 


Work together to solve challenging puzzles!


Open what is locked, and progress further into the story!


Can you escape in time?

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Rooms are recommended for ages 12 and over. Players under 12 must have a paying adult play with them.
If a child under 12 wants to do an escape room for their birthday celebration with children the same age, they must choose The Mad Scientist room.

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