The Missing

A horror experience for 2-4 players, aged 16+

Closing at end of 2023, don’t miss your chance.

The Missing is a horror escape room experience – not suited for the faint hearted, or those under 16!

Group Size: 2-4 players
Time Limit: 60 minutes
Perfect For: horror fans, small groups

People have been going missing recently. You suspect that it has something to do with the creepy fisherman’s shack nearby, and the reclusive old man who lives there. As concerned citizens, you’ve decided see if you can get inside the shack and work out what’s been happening. Will you return from your investigations, or will you join the list of the missing?

Enter the Story

Enter an immersive environment – a killer’s hut!


Search the room and find hidden clues! 


Work together to solve challenging puzzles!


Open what is locked, and progress further into the story!


Can you escape in time?

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