The Mad Scientist

The Escape Room just for Kids!

This is an escape room designed especially for kids. No adult team member is required. Alex, the laboratory assistant, will be with them to guide their way – helping them explore the evil scientist’s lab, solve puzzles and work as a team to escape before it is too late.

Although parents are not required in the room with the kids, a parent or guardian must remain on site whilst they play. A complimentary lounge area with tea and coffee is available.

Ages: 7-12
Group Size: 4-6 players
Time Limit: 60 minutes

The genius scientist Professor Prism has gone mad and hatched an evil plan to destroy the world. He has built a top-secret device, The Prisminator. It is armed and in one hour will destroy the world. Can you work with Alex, the laboratory assistant and work out how to stop Professor Prism’s evil plan?

Enter the Story

Enter an immersive environment – a mad scientist’s lab!


Search the room and find hidden clues! 


Work together to solve challenging puzzles!


Open what is locked, and progress further into the story!


Can you escape in time?

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