The Cure

A challenging medical thriller for 2-6 players

The Cure is a medical thriller that will leave your heart racing as you desperately try to save a life! Challenging for groups of all ages and experience!

Group Size: 2-6 players
Time Limit:
60 minutes
Perfect For: inquisitive minds, challenge seekers

The new Locertic virus has hit the community hard. The research team at the Carbine Hospital believes they have found a cure. Unfortunately, it can’t be released to the public until it goes through rigorous TGA testing. With one of your team infected, you must try and get into the lab and find the cure before time runs out.

Enter the Story

Enter an immersive environment – a research hospital!


Search the room and find hidden clues! 


Work together to solve challenging puzzles!


Open what is locked, and progress further into the story!


Can you escape in time?

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Rooms are recommended for ages 12 and over. Players under 12 must have a paying adult play with them.
If a child under 12 wants to do an escape room for their birthday celebration with children the same age, they must choose The Mad Scientist room.

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