Escape room games all have a unique mission to achieve within 60 minutes.

We have four different, challenging rooms for you to choose from. Work together get the power back on, try and escape the evil wizard, investigate the fisherman's shack to see if you can solve the mystery of the missing or try and escape Mars before disaster strikes.

The cost of our rooms is $40pp, however if you bring friends along we offer a cheaper per person rate. Please see our BOOK NOW page for our complete pricing!


The power has gone off all over town and the only way to restore it in time is by restarting the Carbine Power Station, Mornington’s old coal-powered station, which closed in the early 1970s.  Can you restore the power in time?

(2-6 players)

The Wizard's Lair

While on a quest for your wizard master, an evil wizard has captured you and locked you in his castle lair.  You will need your wits and magical powers in order to escape before he curses you all!

Perfect family fun.

(2-6 players)

The Missing

Are you brave enough to investigate the fisherman’s  shack that is central to the increased number of Missing Person’s cases across the Peninsula?

Ages 16+

(2-4 players)

Nova - Mission to Mars

You're stranded on Mars. Solve the base's puzzles and escape the red planet!

Our most challenging room

(4-8 players)

Escape Locked In Escape Rooms!

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