Our History!

Carolyn Parker, owner and designer of Locked in Escape Rooms, is a Mornington local who caught the escape room bug in 2015. She couldn’t find enough local escape room challenges to satisfy her puzzle cravings, so decided to build her own!

Carolyn holds a Bachelor of Education from the University of Melbourne and spent the first 20 years of her working life teaching chemistry and vocational education at Mornington Secondary College.

Carolyn has always been interested in puzzles and puzzle design and when she was a teenager used to build escape room type challenges for her friends and family to solve, so when she found escape rooms were a thing, she knew she would be hooked.

The first room at Locked in Escape Rooms, Madame Jarvier Fortune Teller (now retired) was Carolyn’s first foray into escape room design.  She took care to integrate sensory inputs and a variety of puzzles that required different skill sets to solve, so that everyone who attempted the room would face a challenge.

Carolyn is very proud of her immersive set design, and has drawn from her experience in theatre to develop creative sets and plot-lines that draw players into the story.  Players emerge from the game surprised they have been so captivated by their experience they didn’t notice the time passing. (Some screen addicts can’t believe they have just spent an hour away from their phones.)