The Rooms


Perfect for:

  • Family fun
  • Nostalgics
  • Curious crews

Did you know that Mornington had a coal fired power station that was decommissioned in the early 70s?

The energy crisis is here and the power  has gone out all over town.  You have been tasked with getting the power station back online in order to meet our energy needs.

Can you and your team get the power back on before chaos ensues?

Wrongfully Accused

Perfect for:

  • Seasoned sleuths
  • Serious puzzlers
  • Investigators

You have been accused of a crime you did not commit  and placed in custody. 

You are a long way from home.  

No one is listening.  

You must escape and prove your innocence before it is too late.

Carbine diamond museum heist

Perfect for:

  • Birthday parties
  • Battle of the sexes
  • Family fun

This a flexible room that sets team against team, or your team can race against the clock.

Two identical rooms, with identical puzzles that lead to the ultimate prize, The Carbine Diamond.

Can your team complete the challenge before the opposition?

Break into the Carbine Museum of Natural History  and race to the diamond.

You decide your teams.

Room accommodates up to 8 people (2 teams of 4).

If you don't want to race another team, your team of up to 4 people can race against the clock.


Now open

Perfect for:

  • Brave souls
  • Horror fans
  • No scaredy cats

People have been disappearing without a trace from Mornington. It all seems to be linked to a nearby fisherman’s shack.  People say the shack is haunted and the old sea salt who lives there is very strange. No one is game to go too close.

Your friends have dared you to enter the shack and see if you can work out what has been going on. Are you brave enough to go inside? Will you make it out or will you become one of the missing?

Ages 16+