So what is an escape room anyway?

It is a fun way for you to spend an hour with friends doing something a little bit different.  You will enter a themed room and as a team you will discover many hidden objects, codes, keys, riddles and clues that will help you complete your simple final goal: escaping the room in 60 minutes!

Will I really be locked in?

The short answer no.  For health and safety reasons you can exit the game room at any time. (Obviously for the full immersion of the game it is better if you don’t leave)

How many people?

Our rooms are designed to be completed by teams of between 2 and 6 people.

Do I have to work with strangers?

Once you book a room, it is closed off to anyone else for your session time.

How old should I be?

Escape rooms are fun for all ages.  Groups can be made up of friends of a similar age or teams that span decades.  There is a comfortable waiting room with tea and coffee on site for parents who want to accompany their children but not participate in the game.  Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a playing adult parent or guardian.


Locked in Escape Rooms is a double story facility.  Unfortunately, only our downstairs room: Wrongfully Accused) is available to those with mobility issues.  There are some parts of every room that may be difficult to access and so it is recommended that there is someone in the team without mobility problems.

How hard is it to escape?

The key to a successful escape is working together and communicating. Share all the clues you have found. Work together to solve puzzles.  Not everyone will escape in time, but the trying is the fun part anyway. Don't worry, if you get really stuck we offer unlimited hints.

Do I have to book?

Yes, we highly recommend booking.  You can try popping in to see what rooms are available, but we don’t guarantee there will be anything available. You can book here.

What time should we arrive?

We recommend arriving 15 minutes before your session time to get the lay of the land.

Do you cater for parties?

We have a party room available with tables and chairs. If you want to use it just book it along with you escape experience. We do not provide catering but are happy if you bring your own treats.  Please note that we do not have ovens or refrigeration available for your food.